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Terms of Use

In order to use Arukumachi KYOTO route planner "Bus and Train Veteran" (from hereon, the "Service"), the user is provided subject to the following terms and conditions. The use of the Service will indicate user's acceptance of these terms.

Description of the Service

1.1  The Service is a comprehensive route and travel planning, map search information service provider to electronic terminals in line with the terms of service.

Restrictions on Use

2.1  The user agrees that the Service will only be utilized for private use and that any information, data, imagery and software etc. in the application will not be used in or for any other purpose.

Caution on Use


  1. The Service's information has been independently compiled and provided by contributing organisations, institutions and operators. All possible measures have been taken to ensure that information is accurate and up-to-date, however no guarantee can be given that this will be the case in every instance. The Service provider is not liable for any loss, injury or damage that may occur as a result of using the Service.
  2. Responsibility lies with the user to determine the accuracy, reliability, safety, quality and expediency of the Service. The user is solely responsible for all consequences resulting from action taken founded on information provided in or by the Service.
  3. All responsibility and liability lies with the user for any loss, injury or damage caused to third parties as a result of use of the Service.

Change, Temporary Suspension and Termination of the Service


  1. The Service may be temporarily suspended or terminated without any prior notice or warning. The Service provider is not responsible, accountable or liable for any loss, injury or damage experienced by users and third parties as a result of such action. The Service provider also has no obligation to compensate or pay damages on such occassion.
  2. Changes to the Service including, but not restricted to, alterations to information or operating features, may be introduced without any prior notice or warning.

Personal Information and Privacy

5.1  All personal information will be deemed to be confidential and not disclosed to third parties, excluding GPS tracking data, as stipulated in clauses 6.1, 6.2, 6.3 below.

GPS Data


  1. The Service performs a route search based on GPS tracking data received from the user's handheld device when the GPS function is activated.
  2. GPS tracking data will be sent from Google and the Service's servers.
  3. Reliable and accurate GPS tracking data may be unobtainable on occasions as a result of weather or geographical conditions.

Service Fees

7.1  Surcharges may be incurred for use of the Service. All charges and fees are to be paid by the user.

Access Log

8.1  Access log data stored in the server database may be used for compiling and analyzing trends and statistics related to the Service. Individual personal information will be unidentifiable and fully protected, however this protetion is not extended to circumstances where a Court of Law, Police or Public Authorities have a legal right to demand disclosure of such personal information.

Third Party Sites

9.1  All Third Party Sites linked to the Service have their own individual Privacy Policies and Guidelines regarding the handling and disclosure of personal information. The Service is not in any way responsible or liable for privacy and personal information related issues that may arise after accessing a Third Party Site.

Intellectual Property Rights

10.1  All Copyright, Intellectual Property Rights and any other associated Rights shall belong to Kyoto City Government or with those partner organisations who have licensed content to Kyoto City for use in the Service. This service is operated by the Arukumachi KYOTO route planning system consortium.